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20-L jerrycan of XBEE fuel additive

20-L jerrycan of XBEE fuel additive. This packaging is best for small fleets of ships and vehicles: fishing boats, tugboats and dredgers, transportation trucks, buses and motorcoaches companies, etc.

Actively protects fuel from degradation, cleans the fuel supply system, provides a long-term cleaning of the engine resulting in an increase in power and longevity, allows to save up in consumption while considerably reducing emissions of polluting gases and exhaust fumes.

20 L of XBEE treat 80,000 L of all fuels (petrol, diesel, fuel oil, off-road diesel, biofuels, etc.).


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XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is a universal additive for all fuels and engines. XBEE is a VERSATILE, environment-friendly and high performance fuel treatment. It stops the accumulation of various chemical engine additives.

Unlike other types of additives, XBEE enzymatic biotechnology contains no chemicals, toxic biocides, metals, alcohols, acids or ash. XBEE protects and enhances fuel, prevents contamination and fuel degradation, and it eliminates all issues related to water and mud.

XBEE is an additive compatible with all types of fuels: gasoline (SP95, SP95-E10, SP98, E-85), diesel, off-road diesel, heating oil or fuel oil, and kerosene.

The power of XBEE lies in the catalysis of its enzymes. This gives it a wide range of efficiencies and applicability, ensuring an excellent return on investment. XBEE is used in many fields of activity. All of them benefit not only from fuel savings and reduced emissions, but also from reduced maintenance costs.

The effects of XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology are felt after only a few fill-ups, first in terms of cleaning the fuel system and the engines, and then in terms of savings. With regular treatment, you will enjoy consistent savings, a clean system and preventive protection from natural fuel contaminants.


    → Cleans and protects tanks and engines
    → Disperses water and dissolves sludge and sediment
    → Cleans filters and reduces clogging
    → Protects and stabilizes fuels
    → Improves combustion and efficiency
    → Reduces fuel consumption
    → Eliminates black smoke
    → Eliminates carbon deposits
    → Cleans the injection system and the fuel circuit
    → Facilitates passing of vehicle safety inspection
    → Reduces vehicle maintenance costs
    → Increases the lifespan of engine parts


The recommendation is one (1) liter of XBEE for four thousand (4,000) liters of fuel: 1:4000.


    1- Whenever possible, pour the XBEE additive before each tank filling.
    2- Unscrew the cap and remove the security seal.
    3- Pour the XBEE fuel additive into the tank, then close the cap tightly before refilling with fuel.


XBEE fuel additive is made up of a natural enzyme concentrate extracted from tree leaves and a kerosene-type solvent.


Store XBEE fuel additive in a dry place, away from light and too much UV exposure. Close cap tightly after use.


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