How to use XBEE enzyme biotechnology?

Fuel treatment with XBEE

It is best to treat directly as far away from the point of combustion, i.e. in the tank.It is essential to add XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology into the tank before filling it up. The eddies caused by the incoming fuel flow will allow for efficient and rapid mixing between the two liquids.

Enzyme Activation in Fuel

Enzymes contained in XBEE biotechnology activate almost instantly, in fact they start working as a catalyst as soon as they are added into fuels.

In order to get the most from this mix, it is recommended to let the fuel treated with XBEE rest for about 72 hours before starting the engine. If you start up immediately after blending, the first results will only be seen a few hours or days later.

The XBEE fuel treatment is a powerful dispersant and can remove "sludge" build-up and deposits caused by excessive use of regular chemical additives or simply using poor quality fuels. Filters may become clogged when XBEE treatment is first used in heavily contaminated fuels.


Use XBEE at a dosage of 1 liter to treat 4,000 liters of fuel when filling the tank or reservoir: 1:4000, regardless of fuel type.

Example: For a 40 liter tank, you divide 40 by 4000. You will therefore need to pour 0.01 L of XBEE with your fill-up, which is 10 ml.

Overdosing XBEE does not cause any harm, regardless of the type of engine. It is best to add XBEE fuel additive before filling the tank or storage tank.


Compatible with all types of fuels of fossil and similar origin: diesel and gasoils, petrols/gasolines, fuel oils, heavy fuel oils, biofuels, recycled oils, pure vegetable oils, etc.

Use XBEE natural additive on a daily basis

Car, van, construction equipment, boat or any other low consumption heat engine (gardening, generators, etc.):

Use a 250-ML dosing bottle of XBEE enzymes. Pour the useful dose of additive into the tank before refueling.

Heavy vehicle fleets, such as trucks, buses, motorcoaches, farm and construction machinery, etc.:

For a fleet of heavy vehicles or for a captive fleet equipped with a storage tank connected to a private service station, it is advisable to equip with an additive pump which is then strictly dedicated to this use. The product is decanted into XBEE graduated jugs, then poured into the tank before emptying the delivery diesel truck.

For a heating oil / fuel oil tank or off-road diesel storage:

Pour XBEE preferably before filling your tank and/or reservoir: the incoming flow of fuel will result in a very fast and efficient mixing of the two liquids. Close the dispenser tightly after each use.

Precautions for use

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology should not be exposed to excessive sunlight or poured into fuel exceeding 70° during additization. As with all organic elements, too much or too long exposure to ultraviolet light can alter the integrity of the enzymes contained in XBEE natural additive, damaging them and affecting their effectiveness.

Despite the opaque or blue colored packaging (5-, 10-, 20-L cans and larger packaging), consisting of a UV penetration retardant, it is preferable not to store XBEE technology outdoors and avoid any direct exposure with solar radiation.

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