XBEE Enzyme Biotechnology for all types of fuel

What is a fuel additive?

A fuel additive is often a chemical added to the fuel in question to improve its properties. There are many chemical and toxic additives that are used to treat fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, non-road diesel, etc. They are used to improve the lubricating properties, to make the engine less polluting or to clean the fuel systems.

Unlike other additives, XBEE enzyme technology contains no chemicals, toxic biocides, metals, acids, alcohols or ash.

Enzyme biotechnology for fuel?

XBEE is a 100% natural enzyme-based fuel technology that is compatible with all fuels and engines.

XBEE biotechnology is not a chemical product. It is the result of years of research by scientists, combining biotechnology and enzymes extracted from tree leaves. These enzymes are the most powerful catalysts found in nature.

They are combined with mineralized water molecules containing the vitamins, co-factors and antioxidants that enable subsequent integration into an improved kerosene base. The latter is the vector allowing the assimilation of the enzymes by all liquid fuels derived from oil: diesel, petrol, domestic fuel oil/gasoline, marine diesel, off-road diesel, biofuels and others.

A natural biotechnology!

Indeed, XBEE is a natural biotechnology based on plants. Unlike other additives, which are mainly chemical and polluting, the XBEE concentrate is composed solely of tree enzymes, i.e. proteins that naturally accelerate the chemical reactions of hydrocarbon molecules. This is called enzyme catalysis. This is where one of the greatest strengths of this unique product lies.

How does enzyme technology work?

XBEE enzymes clean fuels by dispersing water, sludge and contaminants naturally contained within all fuels.

They improve combustion and engine efficiency by altering the structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuels so that they are burned more efficiently.

The natural result is the elimination of over-consumption (a dirty engine consumes more fuel than a new engine) and a reduction in engine maintenance costs.

The cherry on the cake is that XBEE improves the combustion of your engine, resulting in a significant reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions.

XBEE is also the only technology to have such a wide range of efficiencies recognized by all: individuals, professionals, laboratories and official bodies.

The benefits of XBEE, the enzyme fuel technology

XBEE cleans everything from fuel reservoirs to storage tanks or bunkers to engines.

With our XBEE fuel additive, sludge, sediment, carbon and other deposits on the walls and bottoms of your fuel storage tanks are crushed into extremely fine particles and literally flushed out of the storage tanks through filtration.This cleaning of your installations starts at your fuel storage (tank, cistern, jerrycan, feeder, etc.) and develops up to the point of combustion (fuel supply circuit, injection, etc.), thus passing through the filtration elements and impacting the post-combustion elements (XBEE does not have a direct impact on the post-combustion, but on the gas emissions that consequently impact the post-combustion).

As part of this cleaning, XBEE disperses a significant proportion of the water present in the fuels, also removing contaminants associated with fuel degradation.

The advantage of XBEE all-fuel treatment: Complete fuel system cleaning from the tanks to the exhaust and engine!

  • Removes contaminants
  • Cleans filters
  • Disperses soot deposits
  • Disperses water and sludge in the tanks

XBEE reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs

XBEE fuel additive eliminates the over-consumption of a vehicle or an installation (boiler, CHP cogeneration, etc.) by acting directly on the fuel: the cleaning of the fuel and therefore of the installation (as close as possible to its initial state of cleanliness) mechanically eliminates the over-consumption, due to the natural clogging of the engines over the medium and long term.
XBEE fuel treatment cleans the fuel, the tank, the engine, etc. The entire fuel supply system and therefore the injection (injectors) and filtration system is cleaned and maintained. Mechanically, the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology has a very strong positive impact on the afterburner. Numerous written and video testimonials from professional customers (maritime, road, CHP cogeneration, etc.) attest to consumption reductions from 2 to 10%.

What's more, an engine running with XBEE requires less mechanical maintenance and therefore reduces the associated maintenance costs. Finally, as your engine/installation runs more efficiently, you will also, quite logically, reduce your consumption of lubricating oil.

The advantage of using the XBEE enzyme for all fuels : on the one hand it reduces maintenance costs and on the other it prevents over-consumption.

  • Increases intervals between maintenance sessions
  • Eliminates carbon deposits
  • Reduces the consumption of fuel and lube oil filters
  • Reduces fuel consumption

XBEE reduces emissions of exhaust smoke and greenhouse gases.

The XBEE enzymes directly act on the molecular structure of the hydrocarbon chains of which gasoline, diesel, heating oil or mazut, and other liquid fossil fuels are made of. In doing so the enzymes optimize the use of oxygen in the fuel. This hyperoxygenation results in the fuel combustion process being quicker and more thorough, which in turn reduces emissions of unburned components such as CO2, NOx, particles, soot, etc.

So, thanks to the power of the XBEE enzymes you can considerably reduce your environmental impact thereby improving your energy footprint and contributing, at your own scale, to the preservation of the environment.

Advantage of treating your fuel with XBEE natural technology: the use of a sustainable and eco-friendly product that better preserves the environment through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Eliminates exhaust fumes
  • Reduces CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Reduces particulate emissions

The tested and guaranteed efficiencies of the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology

XBEE fuel treatment is the only bio-additive compatible with all fuels: petrol (SP95, SP98, etc.), diesel (including off-road diesel) and fuel oils!

Bureau Veritas, Intertek and SGS laboratories have collected samples of various fuels to verify the effects of XBEE treatment on their specific technical features. These studies cover the main standards which are respectively EN 590, EN 228, CSR 441, CSR 500, Diester B30 and EN 14214.

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