XBEE is the only fuel additive to be made of natural enzymes

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XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is made from natural enzymes and that is perfect for our health and for that of our environment, but what is an enzyme?

Let’s not make a college course out of it, an enzyme is a protein gifted with superpowers and able to produce considerable catalytic reactions in record time. By lowering the energy initiating the chemical reaction, these enzymes speed up the reactions by a remarkable margin bringing the rate at which the catalysis reproduces to a million times per second!

This is why the XBEE all-fuel bio-additive is so effective, it is able to:

→ reduce polluting gas emissions
→ clean installations
→ reduce fuel consumption

The XBEE fuel additive that improves your fuels while preserving the environment is composed of 1% of natural enzyme concentrate extracted from tree leaves for 99% kerosene based solvent. This recipe is what makes our technology compatible and in compliance with all fuels from petrol to ethanol, diesels, bio-diesels, off-road fuels, heating oil or mazut, marine fuels, heavy oils, etc.

Pharmacy uses natural enzymes and proteins quite a lot too, dispatching engineers in the greatest forests in the world in search of these extraordinarily powerful molecules to cure our diseases and look out for our health.


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