Offering XBEE fuels in your own gas station!

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In the face of heavy competition from retail stores on one side and from big oil companies’ stations on the other, independent station owners must often demonstrate their innovations in order to stand out and so to preserve their volumes, establish trust with customers and acquire new market shares.
XBEE, the natural fuel treatment enables you to increase your sales volume for all your fuels!
Station service XBEE - Garage Amand
Quick and easy…
You treat some or all of your fuels (gasoline, diesel fuels including offroad gasoil, heating oil, biofuels) with a consistent ratio of one litre of XBEE to every four thousand litres of fuel (1:4000).
In doing so you offer your customers fuels that are cleaner and more efficient in terms of engine performance.
Furthermore, under equal conditions your clients will find an improvement in their engines’ behavior, a noticeable decrease in their consumption and they will participate more actively in the preservation of our environment thanks to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
XBEE works with you and bears a part of the signage costs!

XBEE works with you in this innovative approach by granting you an exclusive distribution zone for XBEE fuels (that we determine together), by taking on half the costs of your gas station’s new signage if you so desire, by supplying communication support (leaflets for distribution, presence on our websites and social media) for free.

You differentiate yourself by exclusively distributing XBEE fuels on your market, by offering a brand of fuels officially approved by all oil companies and car manufacturers. You innovate and you improve communication with your customers and more importantly with those of your competitors.

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